Our goal is to let you make an unforgettable kite vacation, so we take care of you all day long. After a full energetic Breakfast (between 7:30 am and 9 am), the meeting point is outside the reception. We leave all together toward the kitebeach around 9am. Guests can put the kite gear (from the free storage boxes) on the shuttle Pick up and eventually walk to the beach later. Our private entrance take you directly to the launching area where is based our school. We are 4 instructors, at least 2 will stay during the day on the beach with our guests, kiting together, doing lessons, renting gear and helping around. We are in the best spot of the beach, for the benefit and safety of our clients. This is the more upwind location, at the really end of Playa Copal, that means: side shore wind, more flat water, the closer to the reef you can get and a lot of space for launching and landing the kites even with high tide; the rest of Copal beach have almost no space in high tide and unfortunately can´t offer that.

At 9am, our free shuttle will drive right there, exactly where you launch the kite, so this is the only way that exist where you don´t need to walk with your gear at all! We’ll have lunch right on the beach, the one you ordered and took with you at the breakfast time. There are hammocks under the shade of the trees and a palm leaves roof to relax.
We go back before the sunset around 4:30pm or earlier if the wind stops. Time for an  happy hour “Aperitivo”. After a warm shower it’s time to eat dinner choosing from our rotating menu at 2 areas of fast the restaurant.
We’ll hang out together, listening music (guitar is available, so musicians are welcome),  watching videos, sharing life stories together. The beach is 250 mt. away so you can take a night walk to enjoy the view of millions of stars and keep going with the party! Tomorrow will be another exciting windy day…!!