BLUE DREAM KITESURFING SCHOOL is the first kiteboarding school in Central America, born in 2000, providing all the services a kiter deserve: We are the only kite operation in all Central America that is open all year around (except the months of September and October). In these last 21 years of teaching experience, we made happy more then 5000 students world wide. Our mission is to create kiteboarders with certified instructors following international safety standards. We provide lessons in English, Spanish and Italian.

Private Lessons:

1st lesson (land lesson): Control of a small inflatable kite with shorter lines close to the water. First body dragging in the water with instructor and alone. Understanding and practicing the kite  water relaunch, simulation of water start without the board: 3 hours 

2nd lesson (body dragging and first water starts): Body dragging with the instructor and alone with bigger kite and longer lines, kite water launch, approach to the board, demo of the water start by the instructor, first water starts with the instructor: 3 hours.

3rd lesson (water start and riding): water start alone with bigger kite, first rides with the board in both directions, self rescue technique. 3 hours

At our Kitesurfing shop in the Blue Dream Hotel we sell all these gear but we might don’t have all the sizes

We recommend that students learning this sport be in good physical condition and feel comfortable in the water.



  • Beginner lessons in group of 2 or 3 people of the same level:
  • $35 per hour per person.
  • 3 hours package is $100 per person
  • 9 hours package is $300 per person


  • Intermediate/advanced private lessons: $60 per hour.
  • 3 hours private beginner lesson is $150 for 3 hours package.
  • 9 hours private beginner lesson is $420 for 9 hours package
  • (Packages are considered of 3h in the same day)

The instructors will help students set realistic goals and achieve them depending on the level, using radio helmet communication when needed.

The usual amount of hours to achieve an absolute beginner course and be independent it is 9/12 hours, divided in 3/4 days.

These prices are by cash only. PayPal payments get an overcharge of 5%

Students NEED to bring the following:

  • water shoes (booties) to walk comfortably in and out the water and protect your feet from shells or little stones,
  • sun glasses with bungee
  • short wetsuit just in January, February and March (during these months water can be cooler due to the strong winds)
  • hat with bungee
  • high protection water proof sun block
  • long sleeve lycra

Eventually we have some of these items for sale in our Resort

Equipment used for lessons and rentals:

We care our guests! Safety first. We provide 3 of the best brands in the market as DUOTONE, CORE & SLINGSHOT. Our kite school also supply the following equipment during courses and rentals, maximum 2 year old: directional, twin tip & foil boards – life jackets – harness – helmets.

KITE GEAR RENTAL: For those kiters that don’t need lessons we provide it:

Full gear is $75 per day: $45 for the kite, $20 for the board, $5 for the harness        (eventually we also rent water shoes, life jacket and helmet for $3 each one)

Assistant for beginners is $9 per hour (2h minimum) until the student is able to ride back at the starting point (usually it happens after minimum 3 days of practice)

Rental up to one hour costs $35

If your rental is for more then 1 hour will apply this discount:

On the 2nd day, we apply $5 discount, on the 3rd $10, on the 4th $15, on the 5th $20, on the 6th $25 and from the 7th day $30 discount from the original price for all the following days.

  • IMPORTANT: We only rent kites to intermediate kiters that have good experience (at least first transitions level). If you’re not at that level we recommend the use of our trained “caddy” (Assistant) that help you to launch and land the kite downwind for a cost of $9 per hour.

We also offer the photographs and videos service for all our guests. Take back home quality material to show your friends and remember the great time in Bahia Salinas!

Foilboard Kiteboarding (also known as “Foiling” or “Foil kiting”) is quickly growing in popularity because it is incredibly fun. Without a doubt the main reason to foilboard is the adrenaline rush of flying over the surface of the water. There is no noise, no chop, and just no resistance that you are used to while you kiteboard. Foilboarding is truly addictive

Lessons fee: $45 per hour (minimum 2 hours) + foil board rental ($15 for an hour or $25 for all day).

Required ability: To maximize your time on the water, you have to be a self-sufficient, confident rider that can stay easily upwind and gybe. You also must have the will to start at the beginning again, because learning to foil is like learning to kite all over. But, like learning to kite, the rewards of learning to foil are incredible.

Goals of the lesson: The goal of Foilboard Lesson is to take riders who have never touched a foil and have them leave a self-sufficient foilboarder. At the completion of your lesson, you will be able to safely get in the water, body drag out to deep enough water, ride back and forth, and the return to the beach. You will experience the rush of not just riding on the water, but above it! (Please note that it generally takes about 3/4 hours of lessons to feel comfortable on a foil board)