Our mission is to take care of you in any aspect of your vacation with us. The Resort is for everybody, recommended to people that love nature, peace, adrenaline and wind! Of course we are specialized in good and healthy food. Here we are to welcome and help you:


His is Joselyne husband and he introduced kite boarding in Bahia Salinas in Costa Rica in 2000 when he discovered this windy paradise and he decided to open the first Kiteboarding school in Central America. He dedicate his life to this sport, teaching around 2300 students so far. Experienced, patient, ready to help, giving advises you’ll see him taking care of the gusts at the kitebeach or at the Resort and of course kite surfing in the bay in his free time. Lately he started to compose music under the label Grooving Beats Productions and his songs are published here:


well known as the “Kite doctor”, he takes care and repair the kitesurfing gear of the Blue Dream school and the kiters that need his help. He is a really good kiter and he loves strapless directional boards. In the evenings you often listen to him playing guitar.


She is Nicola’s wife, always helpful and smiling and she takes care about the guests, making them comfortable. You’ll see her at the front desk, at the restaurant and of course kite surfing too. Besides being soon a psychologist, her passion is acting, dancing and singing and you can see her performing here:


he is our trustful driver for the main transfers that our guests need around the Resort, including from the airport. Always on time, at any time, with his 4X4 Toyota Prado he always offers a great service at the lowest rate!


he is the chef of the restaurant/pizzeria. It’s so important to eat healthy and tasty, that’s why he is working in the Blue Dream Resort! He loves cooking and you’ll notice it especially in the Friday’s BBQ. He is also the creator of our famous pizzas!


He is the maintenance guy of the Resort but he also delivers the lunch at the kite beach and transport guests where they need to go


She is always helpful in the reception or as waitress. There is always a big smile in her face.

BUNGEE & TANGUY are the kitesurfing instructors of the school with Nicola, always professionals and helpful at the kitebeach, offering lessons at any level