Blue Dream Kiteboarding Resort

The undiscovered refuge of peace surrounded by nature. Experience the last unknown beauty of Costa Rica in privacy, comfort, security and fun. Combine relaxation, food and adrenaline sports as kiteboarding and wing foiling with personalized service. We are located on the north Pacific coast, in the sunny Guanacaste province, 12 kms away from La Cruz, at only 260 mt. away from Papaturro beach, in Bahia Salinas.

We offer:

Accommodation up to 42 people

1 Suite up to 3 people with A/C, 1 Junior Suite up to 3 people with A/C, 1 wooden bungalow up to 4 people and 3 bungalows up to 2 people with A/C, (all these rooms with fridge and coffee maker), 9 standard single/double rooms with fans, 1 dorm up to 4 people, with wi fi, private bathroom with hot water and a beautiful ocean view.

Then we offer a full equipped house with 3 double rooms with kitchen, 2 shared bathrooms and a small living room with satellite TV (the 3 bedrooms can be also rented separately)


Transfer service, scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, stand up paddling quad rentals, jet ski rentals. These services are organized by local tours operators. We offer Yoga lessons in the morning in our terrace

Casual Restaurant

Our Restaurant is open between November and mid May: we also offer local and craft beers, Italian wine, liquors, hot and cold coffees all served in 2 different lounge spaces with music.

Kiteboarding & Wing foiling

We are the first Kiteboarding school in Central America creating kite boarders since 2000! Best location at the kitebeach. Lessons with certified instructors with radio communication, rentals, professional kite repair. We sell and rent new and second hand Duotone, Core and Slingshot gear. We are open between November and mid May. We also teach wing surfing/foiling, the new trend water sport, available again from November

Kiteboarding in Costa Rica


We offer for sale KITE gear as booties, quick dry t-shirts, t-shirts, sun glasses, sun block. CORE, DUOTONE, ION, SLINGSHOT, RIDE ENGINE Kites, harnesses and boards are for sale pre-ordering about 10 days in advance)

A successfully kiteboarding vacation is when you go to a place where you have professional instructors that take care of you all day, giving lessons, repairing your kites if they brake, renting the best gear in the market as Duotone, Core and Slingshot and, the most important, where the wind constantly blows all day and every day almost all year around (especially between November and May) with an average of 20/25 knots! There are very few places around the world with such constant wind!! That’s why we are here and we want to share it with you!  We have 300 guaranteed windy days in an year! Our private entrance to the best spot of the kite beach, the shade, the hammocks, will let you feel the most comfortable you can 🙂


WELCOME DIGITAL NOMADS! We offer 20 Megabyts internet speed, one the fastest you can get around Bahia Salinas.

The KITESURFING SCHOOL is officially OPEN until May 19th 2024 but until end of July contact eventually Nicola for lessons infos:

Whatsapp: +(506)88265221


We’d like to inform you that in almost all Costa Rica, there are animals (we guess that one of the reasons you came, it’s for that) but also BUGS. 

That means that no matter if you don’t like them, they are around and they are part of the tropical nature and of course really important for the ecosystem!

Check in google map: for example, behind us, there is a huge wild area until the biggest dry forest National park of Central America. We can’t and don’t want to build a wall to stop them.

We totally understand that people living in the cities in the northern /southern hemisphere are not used to see them. But please: if you feel uncomfortable to deal with them around (even in the rooms where you’re sleeping), you should choose another country of the world to travel to, ideally away from any country around the Equator where the nature is luckily alive! We don’t like to kill everything is moving even if you want to.

These are the main insects you may see in our Resort rooms as in any other Hotel even if they are 5 stars:

Scorpions, spiders, gecos, ants, grasshoppers, crickets.

None of them is deadly dangerous, so no worries. Feel you are part of the nature as other living being. Consider to be respectful with our hospitality job knowing this situation, many thanks and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica with us! 🙂

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