How can I drive to Bahia Salinas and the Blue Dream Hotel?

From S.Jose airport you have to take the Panamerican Highway (#1) and drive north towards Peñas Blancas (the name of the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border), you’ll pass Liberia (3.5 hour driving) and then you’ll get to La Cruz (40 minutes driving), the last town before the border. Take a left to Bahia Salinas (the only road the goes to the beaches): you’ll drive a couple of kms on a paved road and the last 10kms on a unpaved road until the Blue Dream Hotel located on the left of the road (there are several signs on the way).

Since a few months, there is a nice option: from Liberia turn left at the first police control, you’ll se the sign CUAJINIQUIL. Once there, follow the road to Bahia Salinas, it’s all paved until the last 2 kms to get to the Resort (at this point you’ll join the same road coming from La Cruz). In this case you save 10 minutes of dirty road driving.

If you arrive from the Guanacaste beaches or Liberia airport (10 min. away from Liberia), you have to get to Liberia anyway and then north following the instructions written above.

Is Bahia Salinas a safe place to stay?

Yes it is! There aren’t problems even for your health: you don’t need vaccine. Local people are friendly and helpful. You can walk around or bike wherever you want. Just take the normal precautions.

Where do you suggest to fly into?

The main airport is located in S. Jose’ (actually located in Alajuela, 30 minutes driving away): from there you are 4.5 hours away by bus or 4 hours by car from Bahia Salinas. We highly recommend to land in Liberia, the closest and other international airport of Costa Rica: this is only 1 hour and 10 minutes driving away and we can easily pick up and drop off you with a private transportation for $85 each way. From Liberia airport you can also take a local bus but it takes time cause you need to change it in Liberia and then in La Cruz, so it’s cheap but you can waste 3-4 hours total.

Are there medical facilities if there is the necessity?

La Cruz town has a hospital and red cross. There are 2 pharmacies with doctors too but they mostly speak Spanish only. At Liberia (1 hour driving away) there is a bigger hospital and there are even private clinics where doctors speak english. X Rays are only in Liberia.

How is the climate?

Bahia Salinas is located up north of the Guanacaste province, considered the driest and sunny side of the country. There are 2 season in Costa Rica: the dry season called “Verano” from mid November to mid May, and the wet season called “invierno” from mid May to mid November. In Bahia Salinas the dry season (that’s means WIND…) is longer, between the beginning of November to the end of May and also a month between July and August.  During the dry season it rains only one or two days per month and during the wet season, it’s raining only few hours in the afternoon and about 2/3 days per week. Air temperature is constantly around 28°/32° Celsius (80°/90° Fahrenheit) all year around. The coolest months are December and January and the hottest are April and May.


Do I need a car to get there and go around?

You don’t need to rent a car cause:

Papaturro beach is only 250 mt. away from the Hotel and the hotel offers to the kiters a free pick up to/from Copal beach twice per day (to the beach 9am and 1pm and from the beach 1:30pm and 5pm). Anyway if you have the car, we are the only Kite school / Resort that offer a private access to drive exactly behind the kite launching spot.

Food is right here, at our restaurant

Transportation from and to Liberia airport is provided by private transportation for $ 95.

Transportation between the Hotel and the closest town La Cruz is provided by a local bus that stops just in front of the Hotel 5 times per day every 3 hours (one ride cost is $1.50 and it takes about 40 min.)

If you want to explore the beauties of the area, we can take you with our pick up 4X4 for half day tours.

What can I do during my vacation?

At the Hotel we organize water sports as kitesurfing, but we also organize diving, fishing, snorkeling, SUP and tours with our 4X4 to different places: volcanoes (hot springs, water fall, boiling mud pots), national parks and beautiful untouched beaches around. We also rent double sea kayak (it’s a must kayak to Bolaños island and climb it!), snorkeling gear .  A few minutes away, you can horse back riding or do a canopy (zip lines). If you want to travel in all the country, you can use our free storage service for your bags and kitesurf gear!

Where can I use internet?

At the Blue Dream Hotel we have WI FI fast internet connection and it’s free. It’s in the lounge area of the restaurant, bungalow, suite and some standard rooms.

How do I pay?

At the Hotel you can pay with US$, Euro or Colones, the local money. We also receive VISA or MC credit cards for accommodation and food. We only receive cash for all the other facilities (tours, lessons, rentals, etc…).

You can cash money at the ATM machines: there are several options in Liberia (recommended) and 3 banks in La Cruz but sometimes without enough cash available. They accept VISA or MC only!


Where are you located on Copal beach?

We are every day with you at playa Copal from 9:00 am ’til the sun set: we are in the best spot of the beach, for the benefit and safety of our clients. This is the more upwind location, at the really end of Playa Copal, that means: side shore wind, more flat water, the closer to the reef you can get and a lot of space for launching and landing the kites even with high tide; the rest of Copal beach have almost no space and unfortunately can´t offer that. Our shuttle pick up will drive right there, exactly where you launch the kite, so this is the only way that exist where you don´t need to walk with your gear at all!  You can also eat and drink under the shade right there, we´ll carry the cooler with cold drinks and warm food.

Where can I kitesurf in Bahia Salinas?

  • Papaturro beach is only 250 mts. walking from the Blue Dream Hotel. It’s almost 2 km long without “shore break” waves. You can do a beautiful downwinder to the next kitebeach Copal 1.5 kms away
  • Copal: free pick up shuttle from/to Blue Dream Hotel twice a day •The beach is 1.5 kms long without “shore break” waves, so there is more space. •There are no people or boats around you to worry about. •The water is fairly flat, choppy only with more then 20 knots. •The wind is side/on Shore which is very friendly and safe for kite surfers.

Are the instructors of the kite center certified?

The school has IKO certified kite surfing instructors with a lot of experience. This is the first kitesurfing school of Central America, born in 2000. We know what we do 🙂

How are the wind and weather conditions all year around?

Best period is from November to May. During the beginning ofNovember, and between the end of May and August, it could rain some hours in the afternoon, only a couple of days per week but still great wind and the landscaping is green .Temperature is basically all the time the same, between 70 to 90 F (22 to 32 C) Actually from June to mid August there are wonderful days, cause the wind is never too strong and it´s steadier, more indicated for learning unhooked tricks or make absolute beginner courses. For example Last year, this period has been very dry with a very few no kiteable days. That´s why we are open all year around. So, yes, it´s true that it´s nice to come down here in the warm water during the cold winter of the north hemisphere, but I would consider the summer months as worthy to come here!.

Only September and October are less indicated to come to kite surf (more rain and less percent of kiteable days). The wind in Jan, Feb, and March can be very strong and gusty so bring also a small kite  (5 or 6 mts) for such a days . You may need to wear a shorty during these 3 months, when cold fronts arrive from the north but usually you don’t. Water temperature is constantly around 24°/30° Celsius (75°/85° Fahrenheit). Sun is strong. Bring a long sleeve lycra and high protection water proof sun blocker. You can do a downwinder of 5/6 kms, visiting a reef with completely flat water, a protected island with tourquese water and finally surf little wind waves at the end of the bay that they can be up to 4 feet with high tide.

How is the area for kite surfing?

Bahia Salinas that is still wild and untouched by the tourism. This mean that you can kite surf in an not crowded beach and disconnect for a while from the frenetic world. You can do a downwinder of 5/6 kms, visiting a reef with completely flat water, a protected island with turquoise water and finally surf little waves. (at the end of the bay) that they can be up to 4 feet with high tide.

Is it true that there are stingrays?

Well, we are in the Pacific Ocean, so there are around, but: if you get stung by one, we have water at the beach to boil. Once you put your foot into a basin with hot water, the pain goes away pretty fast and you can go back kitesurfing again.

Which kite sizes do you suggest to bring?

Conditions are variable day after day: if you take a 5mt, 8mt., and a 12 mts., you can kite surf every day, all day long!! It’s good to have a smaller kite especially between January and March, because the wind blows over 30 knots several days per month, but eventually we have it for rent.

Can I buy kite surfing gear at the kite center?

YES! We have new and second hand gear for sale: harnesses, boards and kites, a lot cheaper then in the retail shops worldwide. We offer good discounts on new gear and up to 60% discount on second hand. We are the dealer of the new Kitesurfing apparel brand KitesurfinGroove created by kitesurfers for kitesurfers: we have all sizes of cool clothing as lycras, shorties, top neoprene long sleeves, quick dry shirts, board shorts, long pants, t-shirts, polo, hats, sun glasses. We are also the dealer for Costa Rica for: Slingshot, North, Mystic, SeaSpecs. You´ll be surprise of our incredible prices. We don´t keep in stock too many kites and boards, so it´s important to order them 40 days in advance! Email us what you need it, pay by PayPal and get the gear in front of your room when you’ll arrive at the Resort! 🙂

What do I need to bring?

The beach in and out the water has some stones and shells in certain areas, so booties (water shoes) are recommended especially for beginners that have to walk upwind. Then, sun blocker, lycra, board shorts, sun glasses with bungee, hat. At the hotel shop we can also sell all this gear but we couldn’t have all sizes in stock.