As any place in the world, a kiters need to know a good forecast web site of the spot.
We usually check 3 of them that are the most accurate for Bahia Salinas:

VERY IMPORTANT! Add 70/80% more to the WINDGURU forecast cause they don’t take in consideration the Venturi effect and the thermal wind.

The reality is that there aren’t bad wind months and the spot is basically kiteable all year around. Only during the hurricane season on the Caribbean (June-October), the wind can turn off some days, especially in September and October. Wind blows 320 days per year

The windiest months of the year are January, February and March. Note that in these month wind can be up to 35/40 knots for a couple of days per week!

The less gusty months are November, December, April, May, June, July, August when wind average is 20 knots
The less crowded months and the best for learning are November, April, May, June, July, August