We want to help you to keep a bit of your money in your wallet 😉

Choose the right package that fit better on what you need. Firstly be sure you have your accommodation reservations confirmed, so you don’t have worries to arrive and don’t find space! Then, by email, write which package you’d like and reconfirm it at the front desk only when you’ll check in. All the packages have to be paid by cash only due to the discount.

1) 9 hours private Kitesurfing lessons including gear: $420 (SAVE $120)

2) 9 hours group kitesurfing lessons including gear: $300 per person (SAVE $15)

3) We offer a special deal for those that are interested in buying a Slingshot kite from us. Together with a new 2022 Rally Slingshot Kite you will get 5 free hours of kitesurfing course + a kitesurfing polo shirt + a kitesurfing shirt. This will allow you to SAVE minimum $350!! Please email us to know the prices of the kites since they vary according to the kite size. When you purchase this package, you need to order and prepay the cost of the kite at least 40 days ahead, because we don’t stock all the kites sizes and types of all the brands and we need that time to make the order and ship the gear to Costa Rica. The kite can be shipped also directly in USA in a week or so and this is actually the best way. We’ll email you our retail list prices on requests