There are many water sport possibilities and activities to enjoy:

First of all kitesurfing of course, but not only: canopy (zip lines), windsurfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, horse back riding, quad rentals, SUP (stand up paddle boards), boat tours at Bolanos island, scuba diving and sport fishing are available.

WINDSURFING: Rental per day:$40 for sail and board, harness $4.


SURFING: (note: in the bay there aren’t waves but great surfing is possible at witch’s rock or just after the Nicaraguan border): board $15 per day

BOAT TOURS: 4 hours $80 p/p: whales and dolphins watching and of course our insane Kitesurfing downwinders in open ocean where you can kite until your energy allows to!

SNORKELING gear per day: $4 masks, $6 fins

SCUBA DIVING: all inclusive, 2 tanks: $100 p/p min. 2 people, $115 one person

SPORT FISHING: 4 hours $300 for 4 people

CANOPY TOUR: $40 per person

Available from December:
SUP (Stand up paddle)
We offer the best SUP downwind trip you can fin in Central America!
it’s a 7 kms downwind that let you surf 1 mt or higher wind waves, with over 20 knots of wind.We can have 40 knots of wind sometimes, especially between January and March, so it’s a perfect option to kitesurfing, when it starts to be too windy!
Every lift between the finish point and the starting point is $15 (divided among the 2 or 3 riders).
SUP  rental is $40 per day
SUP lessons is $20 for 1 hour (1/3 people in the same group)
Optional guide during the trip is $20 for each downwind